Secure Solutions: Your Home Security Monitoring FAQs Answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

ADT offers comprehensive security solutions, including 24/7 monitoring, advanced alarm systems, video surveillance, and smart home automation, to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their customers.

Each system is different. This means that the non-emergency signal may mean something different depending on the system. Refer to your security system user’s manual to assist you. If you’re unsure which system you have, log into and look at the System Information section on your Overview page.

SafeStreets is in the business of taking care of their clients and providing all the equipment to monitor their home that is needed. Give us a call and explain your specific needs and one of our call technicians will be glad to help you protect your home.

Find the right package at the right price to get started with ADT-monitored home security systems today. Starting at $7/ week* ($27.99/ month*), ADT monitoring costs cover 24/7 professional monitoring and intrusion detection for any package.

ADT offers 24/7 monitoring, a 6-month ADT money-back guarantee* (certain restrictions apply), and the peace of mind that your most precious assets are safe.

Home protection and family safety are the primary purposes of a home security system. While this includes detecting burglary, a security system also detects a number of other threats, including smoke, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and water damage.

ADT Touchscreen Control Panel
ADT Command Panel On Wall Control Home Automation

ADT Home Automation

ADT home automation takes security and convenience to the next level by offering seamless integration of smart devices and technology into your home. With ADT’s home automation solutions, you can control and monitor various aspects of your home remotely, enhancing both security and energy efficiency. Through a user-friendly mobile app or web portal, you can manage your security system, lock and unlock doors, adjust thermostats, turn lights on and off, and even receive real-time notifications and alerts.

ADT’s home automation empowers you to customize and automate routines, such as setting schedules for lights and thermostats, creating scenes for different scenarios, and integrating with voice assistants for hands-free control. By embracing ADT home automation, you gain the ability to make your home smarter, more secure, and more convenient, all with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

Remote Access

ADT Control App gives you the ability to remotely monitor your home through the ADT Control web and mobile app® from any internet-connected device. Life is better when you’re in control. You can now remotely:
  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • Lock and unlock your doors
  • Monitor water and flood sensors
  • Receive customized security alerts via text message or email
ADT home security systems & alarm security for homes
ADT home security systems & alarm security for homes

ADT Control App

The ADT Control App is a powerful tool that puts the control of your home security system right at your fingertips. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the ADT Control App allows you to manage and monitor your security system with ease. From anywhere at any time, you can arm or disarm your system, receive real-time alerts and notifications, view live video feeds from your security cameras, and control connected smart devices.

The intuitive interface of the app makes it simple to navigate and access the features you need, giving you complete control and peace of mind. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply away from home, the ADT Control App keeps you connected and in control of your home’s security, providing convenience, flexibility, and added confidence in the palm of your hand.